Episode VI: Return of the Blog

Oct 20, 2019
Alright people, let's do this one. last. time.
- Peter Parker / Spiderman

Welcome to my blog 😃 I hope this time it actually sticks around. Maybe 3rd or 4th time's the charm? I've been very busy with work, robotics, and some other responsibilities while I've gotten adjusted to the New York City lifestyle, but I am back and ready to blog more!

I’m hoping to be able to use this site as a more personal take on things, if I remember to update it! If you are interested in my technology / programming blog posts, please check out me dev.to profile.

Dan Starner

I am a curious person who enjoys figuring out the building blocks of the world, and rearranging them to build something even better.My career is developing software, but my life is adventuring.